Turkish map-fold spread from the new book 'Reaper' (2015)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

March Artist Residency at Brush Creek Foundation in Southern Wyoming.

I will leave in 36 hours for a month-long residency at the Brush Creek Foundation. I'm driving up to Santa Fe, NM and spending the night there, then heading up to Boulder for a stop-over with my good friends Melanie Walker and George Peters. Monday morning, weather permitting, I head up to Brush Creek. It is located near Saratoga, a couple of hours from Laramie in south central Wyoming.

I fear that it will not look like the image above. I have been warned by Melanie that March is often the snowiest month of the year in Colorado and Wyoming. She also mentioned that the weather is supposed to be snowy for the next five days. The one good thing is that it is so cold that it may not actually snow that much, more like dustings predicted.

I am very much looking forward to it though. I may end up hunkered down in the snowy landscape with occasional trips out with snow shoes and cross country skis (both of which the staff there say can be loaned out to residents) for exercise and to see some of the spectacular landscape.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

High Tension on ArtStore blog.

I am grateful to Warren Lehrer for spotting a very small view of a two-page spread of my 1993 book High Tension. It's an honor to be listed (visually at least) on the page where ArtStore explains what an artists' book is and a little of the history of the artists' book form.

The post is called The Infinite Variety of Artists' Books, and is reachable by clicking here.

Monday, February 2, 2015

'New Photo Book Narratives' at RayKo Gallery and 'Photobooks Today' Symposium at SFAI.

Two other exciting events are happening around the time of the CODEX Book Fair and Symposium in the Bay area, and I am lucky to be participating in both. The first is a show at RayKo Photo Center Gallery, run by Ann Jastrab, and located at 428 Third St. in San Francisco. The show is called The Visual Voice: New Photo Book Narratives, and is sponsored by PhotoAlliance. I have two photobooks in this show. A link to information about the show is here. The exhibition is on view from February 5 through March 3, 2015, with the opening reception on February 5 between 6 and 8 pm.

The other event in also sponsored by PhotoAlliance under the coordination of Steve Woodall, with the additional sponsorship of The San Francisco Art Institute, CODEX, and Blurb. It takes place at SFAI. On Friday, February 6th at 7:30 pm there will be two keynote addresses given, one by Clifton Meador and the other by Michael Light. This should be very interesting. Clif always gives terrific lectures and is one of the very best artists working using the photo artist' book form. I have long admired Michael Light's books like Full Moon and my favorite One Hundred Suns. It should be an interesting evening.

The next day, Saturday, there will be an all-day symposium at SFAI, starting at 9:00 am. Here is a link to the Photo Books Today Symposium. There will be a number of panels including ones titled Publishing Models, another called From Design Concept to Distribution (I am giving a presentation at this one) and Photobooks and Their Audience. There will be breakout sessions and at the end of the day a reception. I'm looking forward to it.

Many thanks to all of the folks at PhotoAlliance for putting these two very interesting events together, including Steve Woodall, Ann Jastrab, Luis Delgado, Toni Graves, John DeMerritt and many others.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

"Four Proposals For Reading" at Seager-Gray Gallery in Mill Valley, CA

The Big Deal biennial book fair CODEX is going to take place on February 8th through 11th, 2015 in the San Francisco Bay area. This is the fifth iteration. The first three took place on the Berkeley campus but the international fair outgrew the facilities on campus. Peter Koch, the founder of the event, which also holds a symposium, moved it two years ago to the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, CA. Overall, the fair tends to be a little too much "Fine Press" bookwork for me, but there are many fantastic dealers and artists showing there. As the fair has grown over the years, the artists and dealers showing there from all over the world have really broadened and the event is absolutely worth going to and spending at least a day at, maybe even two days. Julie Chen has a great table, as do the master artists' book makers from Germany, Inés von Ketelhodt and Peter Malutzki, as well as many others terrific artists and dealers. Clif Meador's new book, published by John Merritt and his wife, will have it's own table where Clif will be signing and dedicating copies. My work will be at the Vamp & Tramp table.

Whenever CODEX happens, there are usually many other book-related events and shows happening around the Bay area. I am involved in two. The first is the show Four Proposals For Reading at the Seager-Gray Gallery in Mill Valley. The show displays the work of four close friends –who have known each other for many years– and decided to collaborate on a conceptual book show together. We have installed a little "reading room library" in one area of the gallery, where parts of our personal libraries are displayed as actual-size reproductions of key parts of our bookshelves. Another part of the gallery has new work especially created for this show.

This shows part of the "library" with my books on the right and Clif Meador's books on the left.

This is part of the main display area with Julie Chen and Barb Tetenbaum's work.

This is one of Clif Meador's new books, called Cotton Cloth, in front of specially printed cotton fabric.

Talking with Charles Hobson and Clif Meador in front of my book Reaper.

Above, Donna Seager asks the four of us some questions in front of the reception crowd.

The opening reception took place the evening before CODEX opens, Saturday, February 7th from 6-8 pm. For more information, please go here, or here.

Tomorrow I will add some other events in San Francisco that I am involved in during CODEX.

Friday, January 30, 2015

23 Sandy blog on Hedi Kyle, Claire van Vliet and Aunt Sallie's Lament

A week or two ago, Laura Russell, book artist and owner of 23 Sandy Gallery, posted an article about the influence of Hedi Kyle on artists' book structures. (Hedi Kyle is jurying the next big show at 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland.) Using Hedi's woven book structure, Claire Van Vliet created the wonderful book Aunt Sallie's Lament. She mentioned several people who then made an artists' book influenced by Hedi and by Claire, and I was one of them. My book was Nature Abhors.

It's an interesting post and a link to it is here.

CBAA Meeting and Symposium and Ed Ruscha

The College Book Art Association (CBAA) annual meeting and Symposium took place January 8th, 9th and 10th, 2015. The event was at the beautiful Scripps College campus, part of the Claremont Colleges in Claremont CA. The symposium was organized by Kitty Maryatt and was a huge success. It focussed on two exemplary works, Sonia Delauney's Transsibérien and Ed Rucsha's first book Twentysix Gasoline Stations.

On Thursday, January 8th, Kitty drove a van full of us out to the Getty Research Institute. There Marcia Reed, the Head Curator, took us behind the scenes and showed us original copies of the Sonia Delauney book and also Ed Ruscha's production mechanicals, photographs, and notebooks for Every Building on Sunset Strip. We were also shown some other amazing book works from the same year (1913) that Delauney published her book.

That is Marcia in the red jacket, and Kitty Maryatt in the gold-brocade jacket.

In addition to all of the mechanicals for the book, we were also able to look at Ed Ruscha's bluish-green accounting notebook where he broke out all of the costs for the production of Sunset Strip, and also a very long list of sales of the book and who he sent gift copies too.

This is detail of the mechanical board where Ruscha pasted the original photos along with the street numbers.

 This is the section where Ruscha meticulously broke down every cost for the production of the book.

Two pages of the section that lists sales and gifts to many people in the art world.

The copy of EBOSS that the Getty owns had belonged to Ed's wife and contains a funny inscription to her:

On Saturday, my panel colleagues, Kate Palmer Albers and Cynthia Marsh, and I each gave a presentation on three different viewpoints of Twentysix Gasoline Stations. My lecture was on the production of this iconic book.

That evening there was an interview panel with Ed Ruscha himself, moderated by Marcia Reed. The three of us were asked to provided three questions for Ruscha.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Exhibition "Four Proposals for Reading" will open at Seager-Gray Gallery in February 2015

From our recent press release (Click here to see the full text):

Four Proposals for Reading: An Exhibition at the Seager/Gray Gallery in Mill Valley, CA, opens Saturday, February 7, 2015.