report from the other side

report from the other side
report from the other side (2013) by Phil Zimmermann is the most recent title from Spaceheater Editions

Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Spaceheater Titles | Summer 2012

Here are the titles that we published during the summer of 2012 and were first introduced to the public during the New York Art Book Fair (NYABF) at MoMA-PS1 in Long Island City, NY during the last few days of September, 2012.

1. The Redacted Mother Goose by Rob Wilson. This is a special redacted version of the venerable anthology of Mother Goose rhymes with illustrations by Blanch Fisher Wright, created in 1916, and in the public domain. Rob's redactions and blurred areas of the images completely change the innocent meaning of the original rhymes and pictures. His dedication reads: for changing times and changing meaning. The 32 page book is hand bound and is printed by HP Indigo in a signed and numbered edition of 150.

Here are some images of the cover and a few of the two-page spreads.

Front cover with gold-foil stamped title.

Back cover of The Redacted Mother Goose.

2. Insult Toolbox by Abbey Withey is a book that allows you quick reference to an endless combination of insults that you can hurl at the appropriate person in any situation that requires it. The book is published and hand-bound in a special limited numbered edition of 100 copies. Warning: has explicit language.

The last page has a view of the empty toolbox.

3. Bodies 'n' Type by Jeff Lowry is a flap book, also called an exquisite corpse book, after the Victorian parlour game. It is two- sided: on the left is type that combines to make different sentences that relate to the images on the right side of each spread. The wonderful quirky characters that Jeff has created for the right side are often humorous and sometimes touching and make wonderful combinations. Printed on archival paper by HP Indigo digital printing in a numbered and signed edition of 150 and hand assembled and bound with a special chipboard protective sleeve.