Spaceheater Editions announces a new 2018 title: TROPHY

Spaceheater Editions announces a new 2018 title: TROPHY
Two-page spread (pp.4+5) from TROPHY by Philip Zimmermann

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Book Arts & Rare Book Curator, Sandra Kroupa, visits my class.

Sandra Kroupa, Book Arts and Rare Book Curator at the University of Washington Library's Special Collections, and good friend, visited this past week from Seattle, WA. Although she was only here for four days, it felt like we did so many things, including eating a lot of sushi, Sandra's favorite food.

On Wednesday night we went out to Tucson's Campbell/Rillito bridge to watch the bats leave at dusk. Sandra is a card-carrying member of Bat Conservation International. I used to be a member too, back when I lived in the Hudson Valley. Here we are under the bridge as the light started to fail, and the thousands of bats that emerged to fly out into the night to hunt for insects.

We had all of Wednesday to discuss artists books. She was curious about my photographic artists' book collection (and other artists' books) since she is interested in adding more 'photobookworks' to her artists' book collection. Incidentally she has built the University of Washington's Artists' Book Special Collection into one of the largest (if not the largest) public collections in the United States. It's always interesting talking artists' book "shop" with Sandra. 

While I was teaching my animation class, she spent some time on Thursday morning doing some touch-ups on her Powerpoint lecture for the Visual Narrative and the Artists' Book class.

She spoke to my class, giving an inspiring lecture on "Social Justice and the Artists' Book". 

She also spoke informally to the class about pricing and selling artists' books, and later met with them individually to do book crits. 

It was really generous of her to take that much time out of her busy schedule to come to Tucson and spend time with my students. Thank you, Sandra!